Modern fuel storage solutions

Solutions for the oil sector

Alkmaarse Tank Terminal is a leading supplier of bulk liquid and gas storage and handling facilities and has special expertise in providing fully integrated solutions for the oil sector at its own terminals and through the management of third party facilities. In addition, our well respected engineering division has a proven track record in the construction of new facilities and upgrading of existing sites. Services also include the design and installation of advanced automation systems for stock management and road loading. Many oil majors now rely on our management and technical skills in pro-active partnerships, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. To meet the need for sustainable energy, Alkmaarse Tank Termianl has developed key expertise in the storage, blending and distribution of green fuels as well as advanced techniques for blending biofuels with conventional hydrocarbons both in-tank and during road tanker loading.


Our Netherlands terminals operates 4 fuel storage and wholesale fuel distribution facilities. Our bulk facilities are in Europoort, Botlek and Maatschap with combine storage capacity of more than 2.5 million barrels in our bulk fuel storage tanks. Our Terminals have multi-modal (pipeline, truck, rail and light oil barges) capabilities, as well as art blending operations for our ethanol supply and biofel supply.

Located along the Baltic Sea and Danish Straits, a major petroleum trade route for marine transport vessels, our four Rotterdam terminals provide a strategic storage and blending hub for retail petroleum and petrochemical products. The largest of the four facilities, at Europoort, is pipeline linked to all three of Europoort’s refineries and has custom petroleum blending capabilities.

Jet Fuel Storage

Jet fuel must be stored in epoxy lined steel tanks designed specifically for jet fuel use. Tanks should be fully accessible for inspection, testing, and repair. All proper precautions should be taken to ensure fuel efficacy and safety. Learn more about aviation fuel storage. Jet Fuel Tanks Must Have: Access manways Positive and manual or electric sumps with a manual drain valves Venting and overfill protection as well as alarms Standard identification signs on tanks and piping

3000m2 of storage space

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key storage hubs

Eastern Europe

ul. Szlak 26/12A 31-153 Kraków Poland
tel. 1234 56 78

Western Europe

159, Unnamed Road, Berlin, Germany,
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3 Rockaway St. New Rochelle, NY 10801
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Nan Fa Xin Fu Qian Jie 16hao Hui Yuan Gong Jiu Dian
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