Oil Product Shipment

Quick & safe water delivery of your fuel

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The Alkmaarse Tank Terminal can load oil products into sea tankers for which the Terminal has deepwater berths:
For sea tankers of 60,000 tons DWT:
3 berths 211-A and 211-V
For sea tankers of 180,000 tons DWT:
2 berths ATT-3 and ATT-4
1 bunkering berth 112-B.
Classification of trans-shipped oil products:
Dark oil products:
- furnace fuel oils,
- different types of bunker fuel,
- vacuum gasoil.
Light oil products:
- diesel fuel (DTL-L-K5, DT-EURO),
- different types of bunkering fuels,
- jet engine fuel (TS-1, KT-1).

Quality control of shipped oil products provided by our own accredited testing laboratory and controlled by independent survey companies

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