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Alkmaarse Tank Terminal

Alkmaarse Tank Terminal is one of the largest Rotterdam terminals for transshipment of petroleum products in the Baltic region, a modern specialized transshipment complex and the largest tankstorage company of the Big Port of Rotterdam.

The terminal provides services for transshipment and storage of petroleum products.

Alkmaarse Tank Terminal

Alkmaarse Tank Terminal (ATT) can provide you with the best possible fuel storage solutions for your specific product needs. At one of our three strategically situated ATT terminals, ATT, ATTHS, ATTRF, we can provide you with the best services for handling and storage of your petroleum products. Almost 40 years ago ATT started its fuel storage activities in Rotterdam, today the company has a global presence with offices all over the world. Handling ATT is complex. You want standards met at all times. Our terminals comply with regulations for quality, safety and security. Our dedicated team, through diverse logistics services and supply chain solutions, are always looking for the most efficient way to handle your petroleum products. Our years of fuel storage experience in combination with our team of experts guarantees you the best possible solution for your products. We invest in technology to optimise our systems continuously, but we also invest in our highly trained workforce because special products require special attention, that sometimes can only be given by a real-life expert.
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Alkmaarse Tank Terminal provides a high-tech process for receiving oil products arriving by rail, river, motor transport and shipping oil products to ships, bunkers and tankers. Together with partners, the company will help organize the delivery of petroleum products from the plant to the final consumer.


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Key facts

1. 2 294 employees 2. Of these: 1 632 seafarers | 292 terminal employees | 370 shipping employees on shore 3. Operating +/- 90 ships 4.14 offices around the world 5. Five terminals at key strategic locations: 6. 470 tanks and 1.3 million cbm storage capacity

Key numbers 2020

1. Gross revenue: USD 939 million 2. EBITDA: USD 268 million 3. Operating result: 115 million 4. Total assets: 2 220 million